The Barechested Architect

No one believes that I chose Matthew Hofmann, based entirely on his talent, for our Airstream project. When I initially showed a friend Hofmann’s Airstream portfolio, “giddyup”were the first words to escape her mouth as she caught a glimpse of the Architect. Immediately followed by: “Does he come with the trailer?” I assured her it…

Isn’t she pretty?

Our beautifully renovated Airstream is finally bound for Australia. After a few Thanksgiving-related delays, Wallabee has set sail on board the Kota Jaya. She is now surfing the waves of the North Pacific Ocean and will hopefully arrive in Melbourne in less than three weeks. Check out how she turned out – I’ll post more…

Renovating Wallabee: junk space

And we were worried about where we’d put all our stuff? I think there are more than enough nooks and crannies by the looks of things. Our Airstream renovation is really moving along now, though with a shipping deadline in two weeks time there is still a lot to finish.

Renovating Wallabee: basic carpentry done

The basic woodwork is finished. Now it’s time for the primer and cabinets. Its a little bit darker than we’d like, so we’ve decided to install two skylights to maximise the natural light.

Tim & Mark

The most amazing thing happened this afternoon. We finally met ‘Tim and Mark.” For nearly a year we’ve been renting a sprawling 1800s ghost house in St Kilda, a seedy seaside suburb in Melbourne. Every time you come in the front door, your eyes can’t help but linger on the ‘Tim and Mark” transparency pasted…