Loitering at the dock

Wallabee has begun her long journey to Australia. Our Airstream is now sitting pretty at the dock, waiting for the next ship to Melbourne.

Renovating Wallabee: 24 hours to go

This time tomorrow, Wallabee will be delivered to the port in L.A, ready to be shipped to her new home in Australia. It’s been a crazy two weeks of renovating , with five men on the job to finish her by our deadline. I can’t wait to see and post the final pictures.

Renovating Wallabee: junk space

And we were worried about where we’d put all our stuff? I think there are more than enough nooks and crannies by the looks of things. Our Airstream renovation is really moving along now, though with a shipping deadline in two weeks time there is still a lot to finish.

Renovating Wallabee: basic carpentry done

The basic woodwork is finished. Now it’s time for the primer and cabinets. Its a little bit darker than we’d like, so we’ve decided to install two skylights to maximise the natural light.

Renovating Wallabee: water and plumbing lines

Things are starting to move along with our Airstream renovation. The water tanks and plumbing lines have been installed. Now the rough carpentry is being worked on. Soon we’ll actually have to make some decisions about the fittings. It didn’t feel real until now! It’s time to start planning our road trip – all suggestions…

Designing a home away from home

With the twins now crawling,¬†attempting to eat every power cord they can find¬†and climbing up every rickety piece of furniture in the house, it’s impossible to find time to work on our Airstream renovation. There’s so much that could be done with the re-design if only Remi or I had the head space to think……