Pizza in the Pine Forest

It’s not every day you get to host a pizza party in a pine forest.

Let alone for someone as special as photographer Kate Berry from hellokateberry.

It was a whole family event, which included a camp fire, wild mushroom foraging for the pizza toppings and a bucket load of marshamallows.

And even if we say so ourselves, the wild pine mushroom pizzas tasted great!

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  1. Em says:

    WOW! Hope you stayed away from the Blue mushies…..what am I saying……EAT ‘EM ALLLL……
    Where was the forest ? Looks lovely.

    1. Creswick, near Ballarat Emsy. So good. And there are so many at the moment because of all the rain! x

  2. Carol Ortiz says:

    It’s such fun to read and see your activities! Even when you are half a world away. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Maybe sometime a representative from your Unit can come to the International Convention/Rally in the USA so we can meet in person. That’s where a lot of us fellow Airstreamers are now (in Gillette, Wyoming). Keep up the fun and adventure! =-) Carol

    1. Thanks Carol. That would be amazing! One day I’d love to travel the US in an Airstream! Sonia

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