NYE on the Hill

Happy belated New Year everybody!

Our 2014 started on a high at NYE on the Hill, a 3-day camping and music festival on a farm in Victoria.

Happy Camper Pizza was invited along to feed the friendly, music-loving crowd.

It was the perfect excuse to hit the road again with the kids now that our other Airstream, Wallabee, has been repaired.

We found an amazing welder who fixed her up just in time to head to the Festival.

Thanks so much to Amy who read my blog post about Wallabee’s rear-end separation issues and offered the services of her talented husband, Dean.

“He can fix about anything” she said. And despite this being the first Airstream he had ever laid eyes on, he did what every caravan repairer in Melbourne couldn’t do.

Wallabee looked great surrounded by pine trees and Kombis.

The music and camping festival was kid friendly, filled with good-vibing folk who found Juju’s tutu obsession endearing.

She was lucky to have her best friend to party with (also costume obsessed) while I manically chased our two-year old twins around the camp while Remi made pizzas.

A Kombi tent!

No one got much sleep, but what better way to bring in the New Year and eat pizza?

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