First ever Airstream Rally “Down Under”

Somewhere in-between breaking down in the Northern Territory and launching Happy Camper Pizza, we managed to take part in a historical event – Australia’s first ever Airstream Rally.

Officially, it was the inaugural rally of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) “Down Under” Unit – an Aussie arm of the Airstream club started in 1955. Thanks to Ruby Mason from Airstream Australia and Simon Matthee from Small Giants for setting up the “Down Under” Unit.

That’s Ruby wearing Wally Byam’s famous globe-trotting hat.

Even though Airstreams are so loved around the globe, there still aren’t that many here in Australia. Plus we’re a HUGE country, so our first rally was very small.

This is Peggy Sue, a 1966 Trade-Wind owned by Jessie and Scott from Airstream Dreams.

She became the “hub” for the all the kids. There were six, four and under. Stealing the show was Georgie and Robbie’s 1946 Curtiss Wright Clipper, Abeona (meaning Goddess of Journeys), home to their mobile production studio, Silver Pod Productions

The 22-foot trailer is a collaboration between Wally Byam and Curtis Wright based on Wally’s pre-war Airstream Clipper. (You can read a previous post about her here) Towing her was a faithful purple Volkswagen named Aurora who I hold fully responsible for my newfound Kombi obsession.

As our Airstream Wallabee is off the road, we brought along Allegra, a 1965 Caravel which has been converted into our Happy Camper Pizza food van. (You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted “Adventure Before Dementia” – our French-inspired pizza of caramelised onions, creme fraiche and lardons.)  No Airstream rally would be complete without the National Flag and a pink flamingo – which is how the whole pink flamingo craze began. Of course my kids wouldn’t leave the flamingo alone and kept pulling its head off!

But when you’ve got 500 metres of absolute beachfront to play with at the Tathra Beach Family Park, flamingo and even Kombi obsessions are easy to forget.  

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Siegrun Krauss says:

    Lovely photos -thankyou for sharing
    Siegrun x

    1. Thanks Siegrun, come and eat some pizza next time you’re in town

  2. harpersfarm says:

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time. We are going to have to make it to Australia so we can try your pizza! It looks amazing!

    1. If you make it, the pizza is on us! Come visit x

    2. Yes you must come to Australia oneday! We promise we will feed you pizza until you explode x

  3. Dale "Pee Wee" Schwamborn #2 says:

    What a wonderful experience to see Airstreams, Airstreaming and the Airstream World alive and well in Australia. Wally Byam and Helen Byam Schwamborn would share in your friendship, camaraderie and fun if they were with us today. “Put another rivet on the plate, Mate.” Best wishes to all. Pee Wee

    1. Thanks so much Pee Wee! Hopefully our Airstream community will continue to grow here in Australia and we can share many more adventures.

  4. rosemaryhr says:

    Love your photos – and the pizza looks great!

  5. Thanks Rosemaryhr. Its always great to receive nice feedback. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself on here 🙂

  6. Margo Pinkerton says:

    I’m reading your blog with great interest I have a passion to one day own an Airstream. Can you tell me if there is a club in Perth WA

    Thank you
    Margo Pinkerton
    Fremantle WA

    1. Hi Margo,

      The Australia-wide Club has only just been registered as an arm of the US one, but we hope in future this will branch out in every State as we find more members. I do know of a couple of Airstream owners who are members in Perth if you want to make contact with them.
      Kind Regards, Sonia

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