Happy Camper

Our beautiful Vintage Airstream, Wallabee, is going to be off the road for some time. She has some significant issues with her subframe.

That means the end of our full-time Australian road trip until we can find the money and someone with the expertise to fix her. (If there’s anyone in Melbourne who knows about Airstreams or is a metal craftsman who wants to learn about them please contact me!)

We realised long before our Airstream broke that you can’t indefinitely travel with small children – especially ones as exhausting as ours! 

And no matter how fast you drive, the bills eventually catch up with you. Especially when you’re forking out $2.50 per litre of petrol in some outback towns…

But we’re not in a hurry to go back to the real world. The vagabond lifestyle really suits us.

So we’ve come up with a new business that will allow us to set sail when the whim takes us. But to also lay roots and get to know the community in our home town.

And the best bit of all, she’s set in a beautiful Airstream so we get to share more of our Airstream LOVE with Australia.

Watch this space. x

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  1. Steve says:

    We are already your biggest fans, she looks just lovely, bring on the shiny vintage food van revolution!! Have to say the Food van carni life is a wonderful balance, you still get to escape, it is weird, wonderful, exciting, boring, fun, exhausting and so worth it. Sad to hear your bigger trip didn’t pan out but your new adventure is going to be fab, hope to catch up with you guys on the road again, perhpas get that vintage food van festival up? 🙂

    We have a great metal fabricator in Bega that did the chassis/subframe work on our little van (the one you saw at The Entrance) and he is working on our second van. Obviously our are not Airstreams but they are very similar and his work is good and affordable (..being in the country and all). Though it is a long haul from Melbourne as you know….

    Steve & Meg (Hardcore Carnivore)

  2. We would love to catch up with you guys on the road – I agree, a Vintage Food Van event of some kind is in order!

    Maybe your metal fabricator might know of someone in Melbourne who has similar talents? The issue with Airstreams is they’re monocoque so more like an aeroplane than a caravan. Complex. I’ll track you guys down and get a number. It would make a great excuse to go to Bega and harass you for another pork roll. Best Pork Roll ever! Sonia x

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