Snapshots from Uluru

When we visited Australia’s Red Centre, the Optus phone tower had just been fire bombed.

Alas I couldn’t post any photographs of Uluru (as known by its traditional owners, the Anangu.)

In all honesty, trying to watch the sunset with our kids was hell, hence no family shots. But it was worth it.

We are so saturated with advertising images of Uluru, I think most Australians have become blase’ about it

I was scared I wouldn’t feel anything in its presence, but it is hard to escape its magic – even when you have three feral children screaming at you.

Remi gave the kids a bath in the sink (to contain them) so I could duck out and take these photographs.

Exploring Uluru up close over the next few days was even more incredible. As was walking at Kata Tjuta (formerly known as The Olgas).

I will share more photos, especially the close ups, as soon as I locate my missing CompactFlash stick!

In the meantime, enjoy the sight of the first Airstream to lay eyes on Uluru!

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  1. Rob Wilmot says:

    Hello Sonia
    You’re doing a fabulous job of keeping the world informed of your adventures, thanks for the reporting and the pictures – well done.
    Just in case you haven’t noticed, there is a certain similarity between the Airstream and Uluru. What’s the Aboriginal word for Airstream?

  2. Rod says:

    Fantastic following your trip, my wife & I were there a couple months ago, although our trip was reverse to yours, same thoughts, ‘ what will we think of Uluru ‘ after seeing photos all your life, but we were amazed, walked around perimeter & drove out to Olga’s & walked Valley of Wind’s. The Red Centre is certainly an amazing spot, & in the Airstream, even better, hopefully the children will remember it ……… have fun in your travels …………

  3. Siegrun says:

    Beautiful photos. I can’t believe you coaxed the airstream along all the way to Uluru! It certainly looks impressive next to the Rock
    Happy and safe travelling
    Siegrun x

  4. Leigh says:

    Beautiful pictures, we’d love to camp in Australia someday.

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