Al’s Bus

I love vintage buses nearly as much as I love Airstreams.

If I had somewhere to park an old Bedford or a Leyland double decker, I would be scraping my pennies together and scouring eBay for one to convert.

The next best thing is finding someone else with one who is happy to let me knock on the door and invite myself aboard.

So I was pretty excited to stumble across Alan and his 1966 Bedford when we were stuck in Mildura for our electrical repairs last week.


Alan has owned “Al’s Bus” for 36 years now and describes his conversion as a work in progress:

How long is a bit of string?” are his exact words.

Now he’s retired, he and his wife Lyn spend around 4 months every year exploring Australia.

They’re on their way back from a fishing trip on the York Peninsula in South Australia and hanging around Mildura for a few weeks to play lawn bowls.

After the kids were safely tucked in bed, I spent a blissful hour sitting around Al’s homemade “choofer” listening to his travel stories. About places like Theresa Creek, in central Queensland, which is his favourite spot to go yabbying.

Alan’s homemade “choofer” which he and Lyn use to cook camp meals and keep warm.  

Hopefully one day we’ll make it there!

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  1. Lyn and Alan says:

    Hi there airstream family, just turned on the iPad and found alsbus . Where are you now and I hope the airstream is holding together alright now. It sounds like you have had a very eventfull trip so far. You will look back and laugh but at the time it is very stressfull . Hope you are all good and that the kids are having fun.. Regards Lyn and Alan

    1. It’s a bit up and down but we’re managing to keep our sense of humour and not kill each other, yet! Now at Uluru, I need to get a move-on and catch up with my posts! Lovely to hear from you both. Sonia x

  2. I live a little better through your travels…fantastic story and photos. Hello Al!

    1. Thank you, as always, for leaving such a positive and supportive message. Sometimes I wonder why I am writing a blog and so its great to know there are people out there who enjoy reading it. 🙂

      1. All the way out in Minnesota, no less! 😉

      2. Where our Airstream came from!

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