Not so glamorous

IMG_2221We’ve been on the road for two weeks today.

I’d love to say it’s been mostly great. But it has been two really long weeks.

“Housewife’s holiday?” yelled a cheeky retiree outside the toilet block today, as I was frantically rounding up the kids.

Holiday indeed. Some days I think I need a holiday from this holiday.

Travelling with small children is hard work.

But travelling wiith 21-month-old twins is pure masochism.

Two sets of freezing little feet to wake you up every two hours.

Double the trouble to rescue from the wheels of reversing grey nomads.

The outback roads are endless and dusty.

IMG_1289 Long straight lines that offer little to interest boisterous toddlers that hate to sit still.

The twins in unison: “Out, out, outside…”

”Me: “Look an emu. Look a kangaroo. Look some sheepies, baaaa. Can you see the elephant? I just saw him. Look out the window, quick, if you keep quiet you’ll see him too…

Let’s sing Twinkle, Twinkle? No, I’d prefer to bang my head in the dirt than sing The Wheels on the Bus one more time.

Okay, okay, I’ll sing it. Just please don’t whinge anymore.“

There is no personal space (even less than usual if that’s possible?), doing laundry is an accomplishment, and you seem to spend your life grocery shopping in overpriced supermarkets only to come “home” with mangy, bruised apples and “100% beef” sausages that are full of carrot and breadcrumbs.

IMG_2289Whoops, a little accident dumping our shit

But the tiny things make it worth it: the pink sunsets, the starry skies, when the kids are happy collecting rocks by the side of the road, when there is a cold beer with dinner, when we discover amazing people in unexpected places, when I get handed a freshly brewed coffee in the morning, (and the kids leave me alone for 5 minutes to drink it) and when we wake up and there is nothing that needs fixing on our 1960’s Airstream!

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  1. love reading about the highs and lows – thanks for keeping it real on your wonderful adventure! you are BRAVE 🙂

  2. Janie Fox says:

    We are going to start travelling in our 1963 Airstream Overlander – but our kids are grown! I couldn’t imagine trying to do this with when our kids were with us – four boys – no way! I love reading your adventures! Thanks for sharing!

  3. danielle says:

    That would be rough! Our family lives far away so we have always done a lot of long drives with our boys. Thankfully they are not the same age though! Have you tried a goody bag? I read that tip about giving them a cheap treat or toy every hour of travel to help pass time. My boys love it. We have never gone full time on the road though so my advice might be completely useless 🙂 Hope everyone acclimates.

  4. Jacque &#38 Tony says:

    Hi Sonia,
    Great to see and read your description of your adventure. Where are you heading? Can you post a map? It makes me want to get out there again.
    Twins don’t make it easy but you do get twice the cuddles!

    1. Hey Tony,
      We’ve just hit Uluru. Headed north and then down the East Coast. If you have advice on any special places to visit, let me know! Will try to link a map. So far the net access has been virtually non-existent or slow as a snail. Son xx

  5. Lyndon says:

    This blog brings back some memories, it certainly can be challenging travelling with kids, or in our case just one kid… Your last paragraph says it all though, the difficult moments are soon forgotten when you can sit back and remember what you are doing and the reasons why you are where you are.

  6. buzzmob says:

    Hey Sonia,

    We can’t help but smile when reading your posts. Ironically we have bought a caravan to actually improve the camping experience…from the time we took our 8 month old camping in a tent and he vomited milk all over both us and all our bedding at 2 am, to the time we took the same child camping at Xmas in a tent surrounded by friends and family, only to have him wake up at 3 o’clock Xmas morning and share his excitement at 500 decibels – he didn’t even know that Santa was the present provider at the time. Or the time when we stupidly took two children under two camping by a river in a tent for less than 24 hours in order to enjoy a water skiing weekend…as you can imagine, there wasn’t a single opportunity for a water ski…

    The only solutions we have managed to find that ease the pain: travel no more than 400 kilometres in a day, run them around like there is no tomorrow and go to bed when they do, even if it is light at seven-thirty…

    Good Luck – looking forward to hearing more!

    1. Thanks for the advice! Yes, 400 km is about our maximum. Though we’re trying to keep it down to about 2-3 hours of driving otherwise its just generally unpleasant.
      But a caravan is luxury compared to a tent. It sounds like your family is even more insane than ours!
      Have fun on your caravan adventures.

  7. Rob Wilmot says:

    Dear Sonia & Remi
    Beaut to hear about and see your adventures – are you MAD! Probably just a little bit, but remember: madness is inherited, you catch it from your children!
    What’s all this about high-priced supermarket food and dodgy produce you are forced to eat while on the road? Aren’t you living on Remi’s pizzas? Or outback road kill? You should be able to successfully mow down something nutritious with that rig.
    All the very best to the Airstream circus.
    “Are we there yet?”

    1. Hey Rob,
      Yes I think we need our heads read… INSANE is the word! Not game to mow down anything, its falling apart as it is! A bit precious is our Wallabee (our Airstream’s name).
      We will definitely bring her your way later this year. Much love x

  8. Todd LeVeck says:

    We just finished 3 weeks on the road in our 28 ft. Airstream- the five of us and Buddy the dog. I’m glad to have discovered your story, and looking forward to more updates.

    1. I hope your Airstream held together better than ours has! Where did you guys go?? How did the kids travel?? I’d love to see a photo of your Airstream!

  9. Em says:

    Loving the hilarity of it all Son. But hey, you knew it wasn’t going to be easy ; ) The “little things” that keep you sane sound absolutely beautiful. Baino & i just returned from 8 days camping on the sunshine coast in a very modern whizz-bang Jayco van, but it definitely doesn’t have the character or charisma of your show ! Your words are lovely. big hugs xxxx Aunty Em.

    1. Thanks gorgeous Em. I’ll swap you the Jayco today – I think we have a sewerage leak!!! Hope to speak to you soon xxx

  10. Oh – I totally ‘get’ this post! Travelling with kids was lots harder than we expected! But have to agree that the small moments do make it all worth it!! And we found it did get easier when we had longer stops – we all seemed much less grumpy!!

  11. Hi there!
    I did write you a lovely long convoluted response which just got wiped. To summarize
    Well done!! You are off on an adventure few are brave enough to try!!
    Keep it simple ! This
    has become the catchphrase in our bus. Make each step as easy as you can.
    Cherish those sweet moments!
    Holy crap! Well done! It’s madness
    But a good madness…

    1. Its completely insane so far. I’ve said “I want to go home” at least once a day! I can’t wait to catch up with you and see your bus and meet your gorgeous family. Sonia

  12. gentlefolk says:

    Ah, I replied but had to go through so much log in rigmarole that I lost it 😦

    What I was saying – you guys are amazing!! We just drove from Bris-Alice-Broome over a month and planning to head down the east coast once we’re done here and added a little addition to the family (Our first one. We’ll be here 6 months at least). I look forward to following your adventures!

    We are slowly getting some blog posts up from the month over at if you are interested. Let me know if you’d like any of out favourite spots on the way, sounds like you might be doing a similar route. Love that you are writing and photographing about people along the way. It’s what I always hope to do but then I get a little shy!!

    Enjoy those tiny moments, may there be plenty of them!


    1. Congratulations Melania,
      Thats really exciting! Good luck with the pregnancy. I’ve checked out your blog and I am really looking forward to following your time in Broome. I wish we could have made it there on this trip but alas we will have to save it for our next one.

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