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Stuck in the middle of nowhere

We’ve been forced to take it slow on this caravan adventure of ours.

Although we’re usually the first up (around 5am if my little monsters have anything to do with it), we’re certainly the last to get going.

By the time we have breakfast, get everyone dressed, explore the local playground, pack up and go, there’s not a lot of time left in the day for driving.

And sometimes we just get stuck for a few days.

Bizzarely it’s these moments that have made the trip so far.

Like the day we were forced to sleep by the side of the road between Swan Hill and Mildura because our marker lights stopped working.

The kids had an absolute ball playing with the rocks in the dirt.

They played until the sun went down.


Then started playing again as the sun went up.

Luckily we have nowhere to be and can just enjoy being stuck.


    • We’re rolling along. Alas you can go for days without Internet here so the posting is slow but we’re about two days drive from Uluru. And now getting excited! Thanks for following our adventure x

  1. you could be a model for live simple! your photos are great. do you follow Live Riveted? you could enter photos to their weekly posts on facebook (Airstream). travel safely..

  2. Hi Sonia, I love vicariously being on your travels by receiving your updates – keep your zen approach to your challenges! We’ve just had a lovely 2 weeks in Hawaii to celebrate Kelly and Rob’s wedding – romantic, sincere, simple, beautiful -very special. Also lots of snorkling in warm clear water with green turtles and tropical fish -fantastic. Siegrun x Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2013 12:48:16 +0000 To:

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