Whole Larder Love

We’ve had an amazing weekend among the pines in Central Victoria, feasting on saffron milk caps and hanging out with an inspiring bunch of people.

We gatecrashed a workshop by Rohan Anderson from Whole Larder Love and his fabulous partner Kate Berry, who first introduced us to their magical forest back in Autumn.

Rohan grows, gathers and hunts nearly all the food his family eats and has been living  semi self-sufficiently for the last decade.

And he’s teaching his self-taught skills to the masses – how to forage, catch, kill, skin, pluck and cook – inside a former shearing shed (strung with fairy lights) at an 1880’s homestead called Aghadoe Estate.

It’s about learning the skills that have been lost because of the advent of industrialised food and stupid-markets; it’s about getting your hands dirty and changing attitudes to food; it’s about simple living and empowerment. And it’s not at all preachy.

It was our first winter away in the Airstream.
We woke to frosty windows and near zero temperatures. But that didn’t stop the kids from jumping in mud.

Or rolling around the wet grass.

It couldn’t have been a better weekend. Despite frost and rain and clingy babies who didn’t sleep…

There was fresh air, a cosy campfire, fairy lights, stars, flowing wine, interesting people, and the most unexpectedly nice homemade bunny and chorizo burger.

And wild mushrooms galore.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jean Fenton says:

    Wonderful to hear of your adventures it looks amazing and the burgers sound extra tasty xxxx

    1. You would have loved the burgers. Seriously good tucker. I’ll have to come and stalk you on our Australia trip next!

  2. Shannon says:

    Awesome Sonia – beautiful pics too!

  3. Wow! Love the ideas of simple leaving and changing thoughts on food! Fantastic post!

  4. What an amazing experience! And beautiful photos too. Jealous much!

  5. Amber says:

    And here I am, at the height of summer (give or take), picking wild black berries and fending off clouds and swarms of mosquitoes. Those wild mushrooms look wonderful, and the class sounds awesome. It’s reminding me that all too soon, I’ll be bundling up for deer and waterfowl season, and then trundling out to fish over 18 inches of ice after that.

    1. Berry picking, yum! Enjoy the rest of your Summer. I’m counting down the days to the warmer weather in Australia. Thanks for visiting my blog – I look forward to reading more about your outdoor adventures.

  6. those mushrooms are huge! and your pictures are gorgeous!

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