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IMG_2057 (Medium)“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Juju: She adores playing behind the curtains with her brothers, especially Coco.
Coco: His latest obsession.
Mowgli: Teething in style.

The twins are obsessed with Thomas at the moment. Coco has barely put his toy down- except the time I ripped the little tank engine out of his hand after he ran it up and down my breast shrieking “choo choo” with my nipple in his mouth.

Life has been busy. The kids are at a pretty demanding and exhausting stage of life.

Part of me is counting down to the day we can hitch “Wallabee” and hit the road as a family.

The other part of me is feeling panicked at the thought of three little monsters in a 28 foot space.

At this stage, we’re looking at August 1st as our departure date, but it depends how Mum’s broken hip is healing. Her fall has put a spanner in the works and may change which direction we travel around Australia.

If you have a favourite place in Australia or someone interesting you think we should visit, we would love to hear from you.



    • Thanks so much for the link. Wow. What an incredible family.

      We thought we were crazy embarking on a long road trip with three small children. But doing it by bike? I am in awe…

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