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“A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Juju: She is growing up too quickly.
Coco: He has moved away from his toilet obsession and now loves sinks.
Mowgli: Chilling out with a strawberry milkshake. (For once he is leaving my poor boobs alone!)

Up the street from our house is a crusty coffee shop with a beaten-up caravan in the back garden that all my children love to play in.

They make the worst coffee ever, but I sometimes take the kids so I can have a break from the local park. The twins are running me ragged these days.

Inside this funky vintage caravan they’re contained. I only have to worry about them falling off the sink, slamming their fingers in the cupboard doors, pushing each other down the caravan step or eating bark!

I’m five weeks behind posting photos for Jodi’s fabulous 52 project and it’s crazy how much the weather in Melbourne has changed in that time.

In this photo my babies were barefoot and running wild. Now its wintercoats, beanies and scarves.


  1. It’s “adventure time” ! Remi just told me about your lifetime trip, and Florence and I are checking out your blog while thinking “we are next, we are next, we seriously are next…” 🙂 Enjoy and keep bloging so that we can somewhat travel along with you ! Take care. Chris + Flo

  2. Hiya
    So looking forward to hearing about your travels! Would you consider putting my blog Rosalindentree on your list of others living the dream? You’ve inspired me to put a similar list on my blog as its a minority crew. Thanks I’ve looked at every single link!!

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