Why Are We Doing This?

'Are We There Yet?'

When we tell people that we are heading off around Australia, travelling with 3 kids aged 7 and under, with a camper trailer to live in which is probably smaller than the size of your average bedroom, for the next 6 or 7 months – many people think we are totally bonkers!!

I know that perhaps it does seem crazy to jam a family together in such a confined environment for over 6 months, and maybe financially irresponsible to put the mortgage on hold, a step backwards to sell many of the possessions we have spent so many years accumulating, and perhaps even detrimental to the kids schooling ……… the list goes on.

We are very lucky that our family and friends have been very supportive, positive and genuinely excited for us. However, we do still get a few – ‘you’re nuts!’ or ‘I’d rather chew my own arm off”…

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  1. Thanks for the Reblog Airstream Family! Its nice to know we’re not the only crazy ones! Hopefully might meet you out on the road somewhere 🙂

  2. My Bellingen friend Carly pointed me in your direction.
    Thank you!
    As I um and ah and doubt whether I want to join the latest road trip, your timely post has reminded me why I/we do this nomadic family thing!!
    It’s amazing and authentic and tricky and hilarious and revealing and much more!
    Well done you guys it takes a lot of courage to set sail! I hope we see you en voyage:)
    Love your silver bullet! Having a little envy at the shininess….

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