J 13-52 (Medium)“A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Coco: Loves nothing better than playing with his sister’s tea set.
Juju: Still obsessed with her “rose” tutu. If she could sleep in it she would.
Mowgli & Coco: Curious little troublemakers.

I’m really behind posting our weekly photos for the 52 Project. Or posting any of the blog pieces I have floating round in my head.

As I explained to a friend in an email this morning, the twins wake up at 5.30 am (4am this morning) full of beans and literally do not stop until they hit the sack at 7pm.

They climb and destroy and climb some more. They think its hilariously funny to climb onto tables and throw things off, and to pull my hair or poke me in the nose with their sharp finger nails (which they will not let me cut).

When they’re not climbing or pulling hair, they’re wrestling each other or fighting over toys or terrorizing their sister who gleefully retaliates by trying to strangle them with ribbons or poke them with her fairy wand.

I’m just exhausted by my kids.

I’m counting down to July when, fingers crossed, we will finally hit the road in our Airstream.

I’m overdue for a new adventure.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie says:

    I only have one boy who does all of the above and I am exhausted! Cannot image how you do it with three! Thought what a beautiful three you have.

  2. Franny says:

    Love your beautiful stories and pics of your children. Delightful!

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