How flashing your boobs can get you places.

We finally registered Wallabee, our 1968 Airstream.

Though it nearly didn’t happen.

We were ten minutes late for our inspection with VicRoads.

Ten minutes! 

I apologised (while juggling two hungry, wriggling babies) and explained that it took longer than expected to hitch up, have Wallabee weighed at the Public Weighbridge and find somewhere outside the registration office big enough to pull up.

However the most surly woman you can imagine dismissed us with a grunt, insisting we had missed our appointment.

I thrust our now screaming twins in her face and told her “we and our 28 foot caravan (parked illegally outside) are not going anywhere.”

She called the Supervisor. By that stage I’d pulled out my boobs and I was breastfeeding the boys. In tandem, to the fascination of the crowded office.

Her Supervisor took one look at the spectacle and within no time Wallabee was inspected and granted her new Australian number plates.

Mission accomplished.

(For those of you interested in the technical aspects of importing a vintage trailer into Australia, her right hand door wasn’t an issue. The only thing we were required to do was have her VIN Number engraved onto the trailer A-frame as the original VIN is on the front door).

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  1. marlene says:

    Best. Blogpost. Ever.

    1. Eliza Hill says:

      haha love the story!

      Just wondering if you could tell me anything more about the right door issue from your experience or from other airstream owners? I am looking at importing an airstream but the right door issue is confusing! Could you tell me more about this VIN engraving?

      Thanks HEAPS!

      1. I’ve been trying to find my paperwork on this for someone else too. As long as the door is pre 1969 you can definitely keep it on the right. It may even be later, but for some 1969 is stuck in my head. If you ring Vic Roads/RTA equivalent for your State, ask to speak to someone familiar with vintage imports and tell them you’re importing a trailer pre-ADR (Australian Design Rules) and they can confirm it for you.

        The VIN on ours was originally on the door. According to standards here it needs to be on the chassis so we simply popped down the road to a caravan repair place and they engraved it on. This wasn’t a big deal – VIC Roads advised us where to go on the day of rego.

        To import into Australia, there is a special category for trailers pre-1989 which is when the Australian Design Rules were written. You need to apply for your import permit under this, take a few photos and include the bill of sale and any paperwork and its pretty simple to ship it in.

        Just make sure you clean the underbelly and have it cleaned well before shipping so you don’t get hit with quarantine costs like we did!

  2. Eliza Hill says:

    Oh no! The airstream i would like to import is a cute 1978 ambassador 😦
    Thanks so much for that information, I will call and confirm with Vic Roads.
    I would also love to know what shipping company you went through?
    Thanks heaps again for the info- so helpful!

  3. Louise says:


    I would love as much info as possible, such as the company you used to help import the Airstream into the country, all the in’s and outs, as I’m looking to import a vintage Bambi 1960’s Airstream.



    1. Hi Louise,
      I’m happy to help with these details. I’m currently in Tathra for Australia’s first Airstream Rally and a bit limited with net access. Can you email me your phone number at and ill give you a call when we hit the road on Monday. Kindest Regards Sonia

  4. Andi says:

    Hi Sonia! I know I’m a bit late on this post but my partner and I are on the hunt for an airstream from the 70s and we stumbled upon your blog… I’ve called Vic Roads multiple times today to try to confirm the date where if the airstream was manufactured before that then you don’t have to hack it up to change the door around. First time I called I was told pre-1989 and you don’t have to change the door (so I celebrated), then I called again just to double check and was told that no matter when it was manufactured I still have to change the door! Very confusing. I saw that a few others were interested in this, did you ever double check the year or do you know where I can find the info?

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Andi,

      I’m not sure about 1989 but you can definitely register without moving the door if its pre-1969. Most of the Vintage Airstreams I know of in Victoria are all 1960s ones and we’ve all managed to register them. The Vic Roads office are clueless and you need to go to their head office or the Govt Dept to confirm this. I went to register and I had to ask them to call their head office because the day-to-day staff had no clue. But rest assured there are at least ten of us in Melbourne with right-hand doors!If you buy a 1968/69 Airstream they have nearly the same windows as the early 70s ones only they are slightly curvier. I hope this helps. I’ll ask some of my friends if they know the exact cut off.

      Cheers Sonia

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