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moggy1052“A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Mowgli: Our cuddly koala is still teething.
Juju: She gets harassed by her brothers so much these days, nothing seems to phase her. And yes, that’s Morgan pulling her hair, chewing on a tube of Bonjela. That stuff just doesn’t work.
Coco: Thought he was very clever putting these glasses on and off, a remnant from Juliette’s second birthday party.

It has been a stinking hot week here in Melbourne.

So hot I have barely taken any photos. So hot I can’t remember anything we’ve done.

All the kids have been hot and grizzly.

And Mama bear even more so.

I tried hard to visit some of the other 52 projects this week but only managed a dozen. I especially loved Maltida’s way of exploring the rain / these loving sisters / and Milla plum’s obvious love of the snow.


  1. I love these photos!! So much love in the first, sisterly patience in the second and ‘star’ quality in the last (no photo pun intended :))

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