“A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Juju: “Mmmm, I like it. I’m really happy, Mum.”
Mowgli: He has a sweet tooth and inhaled his icecream in no time flat.
Coco: He HAD to climb with his. Up onto the Ikea kids kitchen for a view out of the window.
He was followed quickly by his partner in crime.

Icecreams on a crazily hot day.

We’ve been melting in our uninsulated 1920’s weatherboard home.

It’s currently 35 degrees (95F) at 10pm inside the house! (And about the same inside our Airstream).

It’s our sixth day in a row of plus 30 temperatures and crazy humidity here in Melbourne. Most of Australia has had the hottest summer on record.

It’s too hot to sleep so I’m posting Week 8 of Jodi’s 52 Project a few days early.

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  1. oh, your kids are a adorable šŸ™‚ i’m probably a bit biased, but i think mixed babies are just the cutest šŸ˜‰

    i’m keeping my fingers crossed that heat wave will have dissipated by the time we head back to perth. not going back until march, so i’m hoping…but summer came quite late this year so i’m not getting my hopes up…

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