Not child proof

Not Child ProofWe finally have our Airstream out of Quarantine. Hooray.

She’s a little beaten up from the sea trip and has some aesthetic issues, but nothing too major.

The kids had their first play in her today and it was a complete nightmare.

They all fought over the LED lights.

The twins climbed into the bathroom sink, opened the oven, pulled off the bedroom fly-screen and generally wreaked havoc before setting their minds on escape.

To sum it up. Not child proof. Oh what a small space. OMG. What the hell are we thinking?

Not Child Proof 2

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  1. I’ve seen TV shows wear couples expecting a baby have a “baby safety expert” come into their home and help them “babyproof” their house. What a joke—if something isn’t child-proof, your very own kids will make it glaringly obvious. Hopefully the newness and excitement wears off before they rip off your oven door. Good luck! And if it’s any comfort, it’s very fun to watch your adventures from the outside! : )

    1. We don’t bother baby proofing in our house because that would involve nailing every chair, the couch, stereo, oven etc to the ceiling. These guys can already climb like little monkeys!

      Thanks for following our blog. I equally love reading about your life and adventures. Happy New Year.

  2. buzzmob says:

    Thanks for that! When we give our brief to Matthew we’ll have to remember this! Our boys are 4 and 2.5 and they will certainly test out the child proofness…everything that opens and shuts within 5 min. But once the novelty wears off, they just sit in their beds and read books…right?

    1. I wish. Mine eat books!

  3. Erik says:

    looks good … exiting !!! even with a bunch of kids , should be good 🙂 Quick question, did you not move the door to the Australian side ? Which state will you be registering it in? Interesting to see how you’d go about it and I would love to find out. Thanks. Erik

    1. If its pre-1969 you don’t have to move the door. The Australian design rules don’t apply and this applies Australia-wide. We are based in Victoria.

      1. Erik says:

        Just like to find out where it is defined, do you know where it’s stated that pre-69 aus rules don’t apply ? Thanks. Erik

    2. Hi Erik,
      You can import it under the pre-1989 scheme. Basically the “Australian Design Rules” weren’t published until 1969 so they don’t apply to vehicles and trailers older than that.

      Before importing I was assured we wouldn’t have to move the door by both the Department of Infrastructure and Transport and VIC Roads.

  4. harpersfarm says:

    You are thinking about all the amazing and priceless adventures you will have!! The space will seem “larger” over time, it just takes a little adjusting. If it makes you feel any better, my twins are almost eight, and we still have things nailed to the ceiling…. Sooooo, when are you planning to hit the road??

    1. Alas not until July. I am itching to go now!

      I have so much I would love to know about your life on the road. You make it look so easy but after seeing the tiny space we will be living in, I’m freaking out a bit!

      I look forward to picking your brains over the coming months.

  5. hofarc says:

    Congratulations Sonia! We’re so happy to hear Wallabee finally made it. Looking forward to following your adventures.

  6. Jennifer Lear says:

    From Grandma Jen, GO FOR IT!! However, normal childproof locks may still help!! And/or, banning kids from Wallabee while the stove is on … yes! Sending love in big packages …

  7. Taya says:

    We are fixing up an airstream ourselves, I like the tile in the bathroom. How well does the grout hold up with all the traveling? Curious if it cracks, etc. Thanks!

    1. Hi Taya,
      The grout in the walls has held up really well but alas the grout in the flooring has started cracking. I’m not sure I’d do tiles again – even though the grout is grey it gets pretty dirty.
      Good luck with your renovation. I’d love to see it! Cheers Sonia

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