Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

SandStormIts been a while since I’ve had time for the Weekly Photo Challenge. I’ve missed sharing my photos.

The Monsoon in Varanasi, in this particular year, began with a dust storm. As I walked along the Ghats of India’s holiest city, the strong wind came out of nowhere, kicking up sand from the banks of the Ganga.

Within seconds of taking this photo (not edited) I could no longer see the river. I felt like my skin was being ripped apart as I stumbled up the stairs and into the narrow passage way leading back to my guest house.

And then the sky opened up and the rains came.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. 76sanfermo says:

    So this is a document………..
    Thank you for sharing this unusual scene for us Italian, at least……!

  2. johndwm says:

    You know how to attact interest and not overstay! I like this. It reminds me of the Mistral in France – looking at Renoir’s paintings of the South of France or at Honfleur wnen the sea is very bysy from the winds!

    1. Thanks John. That’s a very poetic way of looking at it.

      1. johndwm says:

        Thanks. Poetry inspires Poetry!!

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