For the Kids

Since making the conscious decision to step off the treadmill and buy a vintage Airstream to live in and travel as a family, I’m amazed at how many others we’ve stumbled across who are pursuing a similar path.

Great Follies

Freedom. To chose. To live. To follow your heart. Everyone has this right. We are not all meant to follow the same path. While we are led to believe that we must own a home, drive a fancy car and enroll our kids in every sport known to man in order to be happy, this is simply not the case. This is not the path for everyone. Nor should we be forced to follow it.     

We made this change in lifestyle for our kids, not in spite of them. They are our inspiration. They are our purpose. They are the ones who really matter. Our job is to raise happy, healthy, educated kids. There is no better education than first-hand experience. No better way to fully understand something than to witness it for yourself, experience it for yourself. No better way to fully appreciate our world than to travel it. Explore it. Live it.     

Rob and I are downshifters. We have chosen not…

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  1. harpersfarm says:

    I am honored that you felt this worthy of reblogging. I wish you all the best with your preparations. It is an amazing life!

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