One small step for man, one giant leap for Airstream

As tributes flow for Neil Armstrong, who has died aged 82, I felt it fitting to post my own.

For Airstream aficionados who haven’t already seen this picture, here is Armstrong with the Apollo 11 crew inside the world’s most historically important Airstream, the  “Mobile Quarantine Facility” (MQF).

Upon their return to Earth, they were sealed inside the specially designed trailer aboard the Aircraft carrier, Hornet 3, before being greeted by President Richard M. Nixon.

According to the Smithonian, National Air and Space Museum, where it now rests:

“Its purpose was to prevent the unlikely spread of lunar contagions by isolating the astronauts from contact with other people. A converted Airstream trailer, the MQF contained living and sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and a bathroom… They remained in it for 65 hours, while the MQF was flown from the aircraft carrier Hornet to the Johnson Space Center in Houston.  They were allowed to emerge once scientists were sure they were not infected with “moon germs.”

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