Please send money

We have been sending thousands of dollars to some complete strangers in the United States to renovate a vintage Airstream.

It wasn’t until we needed to pay for new tires and I was asked me to send my credit card details directly to the mechanic, “Miguel,” that it hit me how much trust we are putting out there.

I said to Wally from HofArc (who are renovating our trailer) “Remi will be horrified I’m texting my credit card details to a man named Miguel who I’ve never even spoken to, but what the heck…”

To which Wally replied: “I know.. and you’re also wiring serious money to a guy 8,000 miles away named Wally, whom you’ve never met ;)”

If I stop to think about what we are doing, it is actually complete lunacy.

But Matthew’s designs and Wally’s Mo sold me.

That, and watching them driver swapping while driving a motorhome on YouTube… I just knew they were the ones to make this dream happen for us.

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  1. erik says:

    well done airstream family !

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