Tim & Mark

The most amazing thing happened this afternoon. We finally met ‘Tim and Mark.”

For nearly a year we’ve been renting a sprawling 1800s ghost house in St Kilda, a seedy seaside suburb in Melbourne. Every time you come in the front door, your eyes can’t help but linger on the ‘Tim and Mark” transparency pasted to the glass.

Every friend who’s been to visit inevitably asks “who are Tim and Mark?” to which we just shrug. But all the while, we’ve been creating a fantasy in our heads of who they might be.

Queens, screams the fluorescent blue ceiling paint and pink stairway window, however we had no idea whether it was their decorating flourish or its current Circus owners.

Then today the most uncanny thing happened… Remi was scribbling ‘return to sender’ on a letter for Tim whist simultaneously reading an article about a new Airstream restaurant called the Grub Food Van, owned by none other than a Tim and Mark.

Surely it couldn’t be our Tim and Mark?

He checked Tim’s surname against the letter in his hand and nearly wet himself with excitement as he relayed the news. “We must meet them,” I cried.

As fast as one can humanely shift three kids under three, we raced over to Moor Street in Fitzroy where Grub opened eight weeks ago. There were Tim and Mark and their beautiful 1965 Airstream, which has been gutted and turned into the cafe’s kitchen.

The real Tim and Mark are more fabulous than we could ever have imagined.

It turns out they owned our house five years ago and were in fact responsible for its whimsical decorating touches.

And not only are we living in their house, we have managed to buy nearly exactly the same model of Vintage Airstream.

When we told them that, Mark’s response was “Single White Female.”

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  1. Jo Ludbrook says:

    I know Tim & Mark from my old St Kildsa days and they have the best taste of anyone I know ANYWHERE in the world. I remember when they bought that house & did incredible things to it.
    Brilliant. xxx

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